Coat Stands

Coat Stands and racks to keep your hallway tidy

Once a staple in halls across the country, in recent years the humble coat stand briefly took a holiday from our homes when more and more people looked to built-in storage solutions or wall-based hanging hooks as an alternative. Nothing beats an original though, and we’re happy to report that this classic household item is back and better than ever. Thanks to renovations being splashed across Instagram, entranceways up and down the country are being honed, which means hall furniture is back in fashion.

While they might be a traditional design they’re certainly not stuck in the past. Our favorite coat stands combine that quintessential shape with modern elements like a new material or scale – a nice nod to their beginnings while giving them a refresh to ensure they’re not out of place in contemporary homes. The best coat stands look good even without your coats and jackets adorning them, creating a sort of sculptural element in your entranceway. The most important thing, we think, when looking for the best coat stand for your home is, of course, size. If you’ve got a narrow hall you might prefer a neat hanging rail, while if you have a spacious entrance a big, statement piece could be the answer to create drama.